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Large Flower Cross 12 x 24 Christian Memorial


Price: Large Flower Cross 12 x 24 Christian Memorial
Item Number: LFC1
Manufacturer: Lazzari Collections
Manufacturer Part No: LFC1


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Custom Engraved Solid Granite

24 x 12 Inch Memorial

It can stand years of weather outdoors or stay comfortable inside

Simply email us your loved one's name and anything special you may want us to include. We will then Custom Design and send for your approval.

Most Important

Here is some input that is for strong consideration when buying a memorial:

The granite we use is hand selected just for memorials. Our Granite is moisture sealed and black on all sides.

Some sellers send you a grey exposed raw unfinished back that can soak water like a sponge reducing the life of the memorial. Moisture in the flat Granite, if not sealed, can cause it to crack and break in rough winters. Ours is selected and sealed to give you the best product for such an important purchase.
This piece of Engraved Granite is black, natural stone polished with a smooth surface and a high sheen. It is unglazed and has a moderate variation in tone.

Granite is formed deep in the earth's mantle at extremely high temperatures, and is a very hard, resistant stone. It is an igneous, plutonic rock formed from cooled molten magma and consists of at least 10% visible quartz, feldspar, and small amounts of mica that can be black, platy and silver. Other minerals may be present in the stone creating its unique colors, textures and patterns.

Granite is a much harder, stronger stone comparing to let's say marble. It resists impacts and scratches better. They are both stone, which makes them hard, heavy, expensive and time consuming to work with. They are both natural products, which means there can be variations in color and pattern, and sometimes what you get delivered may be touch different than what you see in the display but as in nature all is most acceptable.
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